The Goon Show LIVE! at Yulefest

Simon Lenthen is Neddie Seagoon
from Saturday 27th June 2020

Hilarious British Comedy, for 8th year in a row at Yulefest Blue Mountains

Cult comedy entertainment…

With high energy and snappy one-liners, you will be quoting these guys for Forever!

The many stories of Neddie Seagoon, a rotund and short (“Duck’s Disease, the curse of the Seagoons!”) idiot. 

This tour de overacting, incorporating lots of sound effects, silly voices and a platoon of CraZy characters, will have you in fits of laughter and drowning in your own tears.

Seagoon, a good-natured and hairy sort, is victim to a terrible weakness… GREED. Coupled with his innate gullibility, Neddie’s covetous nature makes him easy prey to confidence schemes courtesy of the conniving cads Grytpype-Thynne and Moriarty.

Featuring a plethora of characters including the world’s most famous idiot Eccles (yes, even more infamous than Neddie), the squeaky-voiced boy-scout Bluebottle (who reads his stage-directions out loud), Major Dennis Bloodnok a devout coward, and Miss Minnie Bannister the sexy senior citizen who lives in sin with crumbling, fumbling old man Henry Crun.

Live Music

This year, The Goon Show LIVE! at Yulefest will feature a live band!

Those in the know are well aware of the important contribution of the musical talents of Wally Stott, Ray Ellington, Max Geldray and the army of London-based session musicians were to the Goon Show . 

While we cannot replicate the wonderful Ray Elligton Quartet or Wally Stott’s orchestra, this year’s Goon-type experience will be elevated by the addition of talented musicians hand-picked by our much-loved maestro, who our audiences are already well familiar with, Andrew Russell.

This band will play the interludes, links and so-on, as well as joining in the with the odd sound effects to add that authentic Goons touch.

Saturdays 27th June & 4th July 2020

  • Time?
    • 7.15pm Entry
    • Showtime: 7:30pm


  • Winter Christmas Dinner & Show $145
  • Seniors concession $123.25 
  • Table of Ten $1305

*booking fees apply


  • Online by clicking the ‘Book Tickets‘ button
  • Phone Bookings: 0418 241 218

Duration:  approximately 120 minutes, with an interval of 20 minutes.

Approximate end time: 10pm

Goons tragics, British Comedy fiends, Monty Python trolls, Beatles fans… anyone who loves a good chuckle.

"My wife and I are huge Goon Show fans and we think 'The Goon Show LIVE’ is just BRILLIANT! We have been to see the guys perform at 3 different venues now."
Audience member and stalker
  • Music
  • Cabaret

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Simon Lenthen's head on a plate

The Episodes

All the original episodes below are Goon favourites, and represent some of our most-asked-for stories. They will all be featuring in this year’s Yulefest Blue Mountains shows.

Come and enjoy a special Christmas-in-July, Goon-style…

The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler

Series 5, Episode 3, First broadcast on October 12, 1954. Script by Spike Milligan. Produced by Peter Eton.

Inspector Ned Seagoon investigates a reign of terror in Bexhill-on-Sea.

Lurgi Strikes Britain

Series 5, Episode 7, First broadcast on November 9, 1954. Script by Spike Milligan and Eric Sykes. Produced by Peter Eton.

A mysterious disease swamps Britain. The first, and most ugly symptom of this horrible disease is an uncontrollable urge to yell, “Eeeeeyuckaboo!”

A Christmas Carol

Series 10, Episode 1, First broadcast on Dec, 24, 1959. Script by Spike Milligan. Produced by John Browell.

It’s the time of goodwill and custard so join the festive fun with Scrooge and Neddie Scratchit in A Christmas Carol (by kind permission).

A Winter Christmas feast served up with 3 original episodes... that'll keep you warm

Enjoy a warming Mulled Wine on arrival, before sitting down to a sumptuous 
3-course Christmas-in-July menu; »view & download the dinner menu PDF«

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